I am getting WA in this question. please provide a correct solution.
My solutions :,himanshujaju

Ok, so in the question you have c undercover cops that have infiltrated the p prisoners, and you need to give them instructions to position them in the file for strategic advantage, so basically we have to distribute p prisioners into (c+1) equal parts. Cleary (c+1) equal parts are possible only when p%(c+1)==0
So incase of p%(c+1)==0 result is p/(c+1)
and incase of p%(c+1)!=0 result is p/(c+1)+1; since first we distribute p/(c+1) into each part and then we need to distribute the remaining p%(c+1) and clearly p%(c+1)<(c+1) therefore the result in this case is p%(c+1)+1, here is my solution :-

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Please see this solution

your logic is correct but i guess there might be some problem with the ceil function.hence i am using my own ceil,
also cin and cout are slow so you might want to use faster I/O as number of input is large.