Solutions for CLRS 3rd edition.

I am currently reading Cormen’s famous Introduction to Algorithms book. However, I do not have a resource where I can verify my solutions to the exercises. I’ve tried to find something on Google, but everything I find is for the 2nd edition whereas I have the 3rd. Some problems are similar, but some aren’t. I’d like to have a solutions manual for this specific book.

Is there anything like this?


I also need this books solution and also some useful links to find the discussion of CLRS book.

Please anyone help.

Happy Coding!!!


try this link…but solutions are in .tex format…:slight_smile:


Try this link

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Introduction to Algorithms (Instructor’s Manual)


Can we have a new link pls?

All the above mentioned links have expired.

CLRS Book 3rd edition:-

Solution Manual:-

While searching I found something really useful :

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Actually the one you gave is Supplemental Content, it does not contain all the solutions. An instructor’s manual would probably have all the solutions. Anyway it’s better than nothing thanks :slight_smile: However if someone can give a link to instructor’s manual that would be great.

Brother, thanks for writing in. By the way I couldn’t find the solution manual to 3rd edition but for second edition it’s easily available, check out the 3rd link.

These are charter-wise link to the 3rd edition

just change the number in /Ch__.pdf in the above link for solution of the desired chapter