Solution might get tagged as plagiarism because I copied a code from an old account which I do not intend to use any further. What do I do?

I started an account brindle_42 two years ago which I barely used. I recently entered college and created a new account (this one, lemvig_42) because I wanted it to match my tag across all websites. Problem is that I unknowingly solved a question of the September Long challenge on my old account. I copied and pasted the code to my new account but I am worried that I’ll get penalized for plagiarism. What should I do? I can prove ownership of both the accounts and can assure you that the older account will not be used further.

Send a mail to ASAP from both emails stating your situation. Ask them to deactivate one account you don’t want to use further before the contest ends.

Else you will be caught in plagiarism and your rating will be dropped.

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