Soluiton Submitting problem

i have done coding. My program works good in my pc. but while submitting it shows error…

What kind of error is that?Is it WA(Wrong answer), RE(runtime error), TLE(Time limit exceeded)?Please clarify.Also post your code and problem link if possible.

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please elaborate about the error and the program

Your input method is producing the error. Also, dont print anything else other than output. Look at other people’s code in same language and correct it. Also, please give problem link and your code link. Without these, people wont be able to help you at all.

You just go through his profile to figure out the error.You are a really deserving person on top contributor’s list.Kudos to your efforts :))


That is one of the many ways. I usually do that for new people in forums…everyone has a first time and they need time before they get used to the syntax, rules and style of the forums. Thanks for your kind words dear ^^

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