Sncakdown 2016 Plagiarism Undetected

Today randomly i was seeing other people’s codes from our college of Snackdown Online Qualifier 2016 and i found this.
Link 1:
Link 2:
and this one also
Link 3:
Link 4:

These set of solutions are the same.Kindly take appropriate action on them.

I think they didn’t do plagiarism check because they didn’t have enough time, since the pre-elimination round is in 2 days. However I believe that those teams should be disqualified.

The plagiarism detection system of codechef is extremely poor and they dont know who has copied and who hasn’t.
When u talk to their representative their response is too bad and rude that cant be explained.
I suggest codechef to change their plagiarism detection system otherwise users have to switch to some other platforms.


The cheating detection system checks percentage similarity between all possible pairs of codes. As we had lot more than usual submissions, hence time taken in running the system was more than usual.

We have just obtained the results from the system. Currently we are doing final manual reviews of the the suspected codes. You can expect the final verdict regarding plagiarism tonight.