how can i rename my team handle in snackdown online qualifier 2017

I think its not possible…
U can change your team mate but not team handle…Even i tried changing,bt not!

Hi, I am unable to ask a new question as my Karma is very low yet and I am not eligible. So I have to ask the question here with the hope that someone will definitely answer. So my question is that which programming languages can we use in SnackDown competition? I would like to use Ruby, is that allowed in this competition?


yes ruby is allowed i think,i upvoted your comment,so feel free to ask

I could not find the allowed programming languages mentioned anywhere, but almost all languages were permitted last year, including Ruby, (check here) so it will be probably be allowed this time too. Good luck :slight_smile:

Please give a search on forums. There is a thread for all 1 karma users to ask questions. Dont wish to seem rude, but we have to do away with this system of “sympathy upvote” due to the potential abuse it can lead to.