snackdown'17 qualifer certificates?????

when will we get the snackdown 2017 qualifer round certificates???


this is also mentioned there “Teams advancing to Elimination Round will get a website domain name from Radix Registry.”.


i didn’t qualify for the elimination round .

Honestly, I don’t understand the point of giving certificates to every team that passed the qualifiers since the qualifier was way too easy. A certificate should be something of value that only the best performers get.

They should give different certificates for people who made it to different rounds and to the one’s that were able to solve a question in the elimination round to recognize the effort.

I mean someone who was ranked 60 in the elimination round and someone who was ranked 12000 in the qualifier getting the same certificate is pretty unfair.


Well, if we are discussing regarding the certificates, I think i should also put forward my perspective.

Of course, as everyone already knows, certificates for qualifier round has…very little value w.r.t. your proficiency in coding, because even a newbie could easily solve atleast 1 problem.

According to me, their reasoning behind this certificate is that it will act as a ‘participation certificate’. Furthermore, its clear that many of the teams wont make it past the pre-eli or elimination round. Many teams will feel like “I dont know anything…” when they would be unable to solve the problem. Perhaps as a consolation to them making so far, they decided to give a participation certificate to motivate the teams to improve AND (more importantly) participate in snackdown next year. (2 things to be considered- You’d participate if their is some prospective of you getting something, and secondly you wont feel that much discouraged if you get a certifcate. Else teams may feel that “We are wayy too newbies” and refrain from participating following this ideology).

But well, i think if qualifying round has certificate, pre-eli or atleast Elimination round should also give a separate certificate. Just my suggestion (Need views of you people on this!)

(PS: Ranks being given on certificates will kind of defeat the “motivation” gotten from them. Thats why high and low rankers are given same certificate, UNDER THE ASSUMPTION, that high rank coders will earn more prizes anyway. You guys are requested to give your views on this too!)

Since we are talking about motivation here, tell me what’s more motivating after solving the first question (Which anyone with little knowledge of programming would be able to):

  1. You get a better certificate based on the number of problems you solve next.

  2. Whatever you do next, you will get the exact same certificate.

Giving certificates to everyone is actually demotivating to the one’s that did do well. A certificate is something that certifies that you have accomplished something.

It’s q certificate, not an engineering degree that everybody has lol.

1. You get a better certificate based on the number of problems you solve next.

Yes, I myself suggested that in my answer. A certificate for qualifying additional rounds.

Giving certificates to everyone is actually demotivating to the one's that did do well. 

I very well understand what you are saying here. But-

Here they assumed that good coders will anyway get more prizes as they qualify additional rounds.

What is your PoV assuming that?

Hi, we have sent an email to all the teams regarding the domain names yesterday.

Hi @all, the certificate also consists of the round that they have participated i.e those who have qualified qualification round will get a certificate mentioning that they have qualified/participated in Qualification Round. Additionally, we are planning to incorporate the Global rank in the certificate. Furthermore, certificate of appreciation will be provided to top 300 teams in the elimination round. We hope this should help.


Hi, they will be made available by 15th June, 2017.

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The admin just notified, certificates will be different for different rounds that too with ranks obtained ! :smiley:

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ok… @admin

thanks everyone for the answers…

Admin tagged all and the person is Brian Guadalupe of Philippines. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


How will we get the certificates and do they have names written on it or just the team name . Also want to know if we get two different certi for the members or one for the team.

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still waiting for certificates.


@admin till today 15/06/2017 no certificates are available

just wondering :)…what will you do with certificate.they (admin) always try to deliver as quickly as possible…why don’t you wait for some more time??


@admin It is 20th today and yet no certificates.