SnackDown Qualifier: Request to Add More and Better Questions

The Snackdown Qualifier has far easier questions than last time and also due to Score Based Ranklist, the qualifier has become very boring in itself.

I understand that being a 4 day contest, it is not worthwhile to make it ACM styled Contest. But I do expect that atleast some questions should be intriguing enough to continue keeping us in Snackdown mood for atleast 4 days.

I request @admin to add one or two better questions to keep up the heat of the contest because the first two questions are way too easy and also enough to qualify the round.


it seems to be a formality contest …since they already stated that doing one question will mere do it…it seems as a warm up event and a event held to throw out the inactive teams that have registered.!

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since it is qualifying round they want as many team as came and participate to make it popular so they can’t keep question very hard.Otherwise new comers will become uninterested. They will surely provide questions with high difficulty level in further rounds.

To be honest, the real stuff is in pre-eli i.e. next round.

A very hard first stage itself would scare off many new comers/first-timers and that is counter-productive. The contest has a standard, but we also have to make sure that EVERYONE enjoys it. Making all problems solvable for only top coders will make the contest unpopular among majority of audience. For a better participation, its necessary that every thing is accounted for. And as i said, the real thing would be pre-eli . Hope to see you doing wel there as well :slight_smile: .


Wait for it, action is yet to come.


I can’t ask questions due to karma issues, so bear with my comment. I am having a hard time tackling TLE in my java programs. I tried out almost everything from using BufferedReader to anything else that struck my mind. I can’t find much Java solutions here to get an idea about this from that either. Also, in one of my programs, it runs perfectly on my machine, but throws up a runtime error on the online ide.

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NumberFormatException: null
at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(
at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(
at SNAKEEAT.main(

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