SNACKDOWN PRIZES : How do I use Radix Registry domain name.

How to setup and use domain name won in Snackdown 2017 challenge. It’s a quite tedious process. Please help me out here. how to bind domain name to the hosting space.

Here’s what I did.

  1. gh-pages ( to get free hosting.
  2. Then in the settings menu, I changed the custom domain field to my recently bought domain. Then, I had to add 2 A-records of Github in the DNS server settings of my domain.

You can easily google out the steps. I also did this for the first time, so the technical terms might not be accurate. But just to get you going I answered.

To even help you with googling, here are some useful resources:

  1. Github Pages Basics: To get you started with hosting your basic website.
  2. Using a custom domain with github pages: To get help with setting up your domain.
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Hope you have redeemed your coupon.
Then after that you have to get a Hosting provider there are some few of them who provides hosting free but the give you the limited functionality like you can not add a embeded web page.
you can use 000webhost or choose according to your needs.
Now after getting hosting provider your hosting provider gives two methods to link your domain name to their servers.

1.By adding ADD A RECORD

  1. Here you have to ADD A RECORD in DNS managment zone on radix control page. Means you have to add the IP address of hosting provider server

  2. By changing NAME SERVERS

  • here you have to add the names servers of hosting provider which points your domain name to hosting provider servers.

so do whatever your hosting provider suggest.

Where to get the coupon from?

@ankurdua15 The coupons were given to the teams who cleared upto to the eliminator round in Codechef Snackdown 2017 . If you did get one , you should have redeemed it by 15 July 2017 . Now those coupons have expired .