Snackdown Pre-elimination round ambiguity. Score-based or ACM style ranklist?

The contest page of Pre-elimination round says it will be ACM style (i.e. ties will be broken and penalty will be taken into count) whereas the rules page of Snackdown 2017 mentions it to be score-based (ties will not be broken). Which one is true?
Contest page:
Rules page:

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one query.
Pre round B:All teams that solve one problem in qualifier round but could not advance to the next round through the pre-elimination round A, get another opportunity to go to the next Elimination round by taking part in this online round. This round will be a 24 hours contest with around 6 problems. Teams in the top 1000 ranks move to the Elimination Round.
Is it correct?

Hi, the Pre-Elimination Rounds will use Score Based Ranking system. Regarding the query on Pre-Elimination Round B - yes, the information is correct.