Snackdown Penalty And more....

What is the penalty deducted for? I have some other friends, with even more wrong submissions, yet little to no penalty. Also, it shows that I have submitted 15 solutions, whereas, I only submitted 5 in total.It says 9 runtime errors, and 1 compile error. In the submission page, I had submitted only 5 solutions out of which 4 were wrong.
It would be great to know the reason of this issue, and correct it if possible.

Hi @chaitanyag,

Can you please share on which link it is showing 15 solutions to you?
It is showing 5 solutions (4 WAs) for your team.,bvn1234

Time of submission also matters, when you hover on the scoreboard, it shows time for first ac submission on that problem. The penalty for WA is 20 minute i think. This is only added once the problem is successfully solved

Edit: Read Judging Criteria @

It is showing the total number of submissions made on that team of yours. Previously, in CDBU2015 contest, you had made 9 Runtime Errors and 1 Compilation Error. I think it takes all the submissions made by the same team handle. And yes,you had submitted only 5 times in SNCKQL2016,so that brings down the tally to 9 runtime+1 CE + 5 submissions here. Hence it shows 15 submissions.

Hope this is the right answer. :slight_smile: