SNACKDOWN certificates

Can someone please tell that why only the owners of the teams got the snackdown certificates and not the members when both equally worked for the competition . Would be happy to know if we should expect a certificate or not @admin


I am thinking that other team members will get their certificates, but with some delay. It just doesnt make sense to only give team leader the certificate, because it will kill spirit of participants for next year.

I think the other member will get it with some delay,because of huge number of teams participating in it. I think what happened is, they were doing the certificate work, but it got delayed due to Snackdown’s preparation. And they perhaps thought to send the certificates already prepared, and send remaining as time passes by.


I hope this is true @vijju123 because if this is not the case people will definitely think to participate as an owner only which will definitely affect the participation next year

Have the owners got the certfificates???

As far as i have heard, yes they have.