SnackDown 2017

We are happy to announce the CodeChef SnackDown 2017 schedule. It is open for anyone with a knack of programming. Whether you are studying in school, or college, a working professional, or a self taught programming brilliance, you are absolutely eligible to take part and win prizes. You can compete in teams of two and most importantly there is no restriction on team formation in this year’s edition. One can team up with anyone across the Globe and compete!

For the SnackDown 2017 schedule head over to:

For more details about the rule change and finalization of dates, please visit:

We shall get back to you with further details soon!


great way to spend the summer break, I guess. :slight_smile:


This is a very good decision to allow making teams of different schools/colleges etc.

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Any reference for registration this SNACKDOWN season?

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What do you mean by reference? The question is bit unclear.

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I think he is asking for some example or “Sample” to tell how to do it. But that’s what I think, I agree, the Q is kinda unclear.

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I want to know is there a representative program for SnackDown 2017 as it was there in past year ?
I was campus representative from my college for Snackdown 2016 and it really helped to involve more students in competitive programming from my campus.

No such program has been announced yet. Be subscribed to social media (FB and Twitter) to know about it, as soon as it is announced. :slight_smile: