Small improvements for code chef

I was thinking of what improvements can be done to code chef without some big effort like a new feature but just some small tweaking . I came up with the following list :

  1. Include global time announcement . The time announced is always in IST while our audience is global . There should be a link to view the event time in one’s local time .

  2. There should be a link to like a particular contest and post it to one’s twitter , facebook etc .

  3. Currently the time counter is only on the home page , so particularly during the short contest , i have to keep home page open apart from contest page , to know when exactly when the contest starts . ( since i dont want to get late by seconds also ) . There should be a time counter for the contest on the contest page .

  4. The contest page should autoload as soon as the problems become visible and other announcements are made during the contest .


And one more improvement TODO list like SPOJ on contest page. Even on practice section since, keeping track of solved and unsolved problems is quite difficult.


And please bring a institution wise ranking so that we know where we stand and also know who are taking part in the contests !

Other updates that would be nice :

1.Show us the test cases for practice problems so that we get to know where we have gone wrong (Know whether its a corner case bug or a logical one )

2.A page showing the current rankings of the ongoing contests so that we know which position we are at. I usually keep pressing the next button until I see my name and find my ranking. (Please let me know if there is some other way which I am missing.)

3.Attach the editorial link to all the practice problems. Some of them are missing the link and its hard to search for the editorials.

4.Some discussions in the forum have useful information like the recent one which had information about the various important algorithms. They need to be moved to a separate section which contains similar articles.Something like what top coder has.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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You can see rankings of ongoing or any contest at this link Just type the contest name after the rankings/.

And rest of the points are upto admins.

@pranav93 >> You can go to the link @sobhagya mentioned, and then press CTRL-F and then type your username, it will show 2 results, hit Next and you will be at your current contest ranking.

The ranking charts are currently not Ajaxified and hence you have to refresh each time the rankings are updated.

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

vineetpaliwal i saw you have your own site.its best if you add some tutorial on your site


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the cool one is here :-
the question page can be made into 3 columns as ‘tutorials’ ‘queries/ codeHelp’ ‘general’
this way the questions can be sorted really easily.

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A small improvement : As of now. only recent questions (around 12) are available on homepage. Buttons can be provided to see older questions on homepage only instead of going to forum section.

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