SLOW SLOw slow

Codechef is slow as hell…JAN rating not updated till now.IT’s two weeks now.When will it update?

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Just wait for sometime. Ranting on forums will do nothing. What I suggest is, write an email telling about this issue and they will surely look into it. :slight_smile:

Sometimes, it may take time to get things updated, so all we can do is be patient. Nevertheless, should you feel that its becoming an issue, drop them a mail. They always answer back/get back to you. :slight_smile: [atleast the help@codechef guys do. Cause I only mailed them till now]


It will definitely get updated. Dont worry.

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Don’t worry guys! I already pinged the codechef and surprisingly they replied after 2 days and asked for apology and write down that “There is some internal problem of plagiarism and other one so we need some time, mean-while please be patience and wait for this”.

So @rahul1v17_9 You have to wait 4 this.

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