Slow discuss.codechef

Is it just me or is the discuss.codechef extremely slow. It takes 4-5 seconds to load a single page on this domain, whereas the normal codechef domain pages work just fine.

I did a checkup of my internet speed and its at 90Mbps currently, with a 5ms ping. (stats from Ookla speedtest).

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It happens with all of us @jatincode777

Well not 5 seconds exactly and always… but yeah it is slower sometimes for me

I see, it felt abnormally slow today, hence the post.
Thank you

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It might take some time, but discuss issues will be over soon.

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This point has been brought up already but no one cares lol

At least I do - I have to use discuss 10 times a day :stuck_out_tongue: XD

I encounter this problem quite often,
I think discuss responds the slowest when you search something on it(at least for me).