Simple Data Structure

I haven’t implemented data structures as of now on any of the codechef problems. can someone suggest me some questions that are available on codechef that are based on data structure i.e trees,undirected graphs,directed graphs,path matrix,shortest path algorithms…?

The difficult of problems should be from Easy->Medium as such.

Help will be highly obliged.

3 Likes is a pretty straight-forward shortest path problem (in this case uses algorithm of Floyd).

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+1 Your question can be quite useful for beginners, looking to practice Data structures. is an easy problem. I coded XYZ data structure for this problem, for the first time in my life. Its better if you discover XYZ yourself;)

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thanks guys for replying…

yup it will really help…

@vinayak grag the problem you mentioned can be done using arrays…I couldn’t figure out which data structure you are talking about…can u pls help???

I was referring to Trie. I choose it just to try it, so I was hoping you would also look for some new data structure for solving the problem.

okies i got it…I will try to implement the question using it also…thanks