SIGXFSZ runtime error

I am getting SIGXFSZ runtime error for a problem. What is the possible reason for this error?


It is “exceeded file size”.

Your program is outputting too much values, that the output file generated is having a size larger than that is allowable.

Are you sure, you are getting this in codechef??


I have got this error on other online IDEs. But never on codechef. Whenever, there is some extra output, that would be judged wrong answer, immediately. That is why I asked whether you are getting this error on codechef.

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May be stray/extra white-spaces can be the reason.

sometimes i get this error when the input statements in my code dont match the input given by the input file.for example if your input file has total 50 values but you try to read 50+ values you can get a SIGXFSZ error.that why it says execeeded are reading more inputs than available from the test file.


Ya I got this in codechef… Thanx for the answer

Thanks for saving my day!
For those using EOF and getting this error never use

instead try

while(scanf("%d", &s));

For reason search on google about EOF

I just got this error because I was not answering the question MOD 1000000007. Perhaps, this increased the file size so much it, gave me a Runtime Error with SIGXFSZ.

In my case, getting a lot of outputs leads to this. Actually, I forget to comment out the unwanted print statement.