SIGABRT error ?

My Solution for Football Match : Solution

But I keep getting SIGABRT on Submisson
Can someone please help me.

Thank You.

Hii, Bionic_beaver!!

I saw your solution, remember that n can be zero so when you do team2=a[n-1] it becomes a[-1] so it is giving SIGABRT. So you have to edit it. Edited AC code-

Just a suggestion, Why are you making the solution so complicated, you don’t need to sort the array there are only 2 different strings you don’t even have to make an array of strings, 3 strings would do the job. You are just complicating the solution. See my code-

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yeah now this is good…
remove that “.” from 1st link though… :slight_smile:

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yaa thanks

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Thank You very much, I completely missed the case where n = 0

No Problem!