showing wrong numbers of problems solved

It is to inform the admin that my codechef account; USERNAME- saisumit; NAME : SUMIT VOHRA; COLLEGE: NETAJI SUBHAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, is displaying wrong number of problems solved. i have solved 49 problems till date and its showing me that i have solved 42 problems,i have been using codechef for 6 months and its the first tme i have encountered such discripancy. It is requested to resolve the issue as soon as possible, because I had always appreciated this initiative by directi, and i hope that i continue to do that. ONE EXAMPLE- to the right its showing that i have solved JANUARY CHALLENGE QUESTION- “CLPERM” AND “GCDQ” AND ALSO DECEMBER CHALLENGE - “XORSUB”; and it showing the sum of just practise problems.

Hi @saisumit,

Codechef has made some changes to the website where if a problem is partially solved (not all subtasks are Accepted) then it is not listed as a successfully solved problem. You will see the changes in the problems listing(Practice/Contest), User profile page and Tags page.

There is a new " Solutions Partially Accepted " column on the user profile page where the count of partially solved problem is shown.

See the answer from tojochacko :diamonds: here for more clarification.

Thank you for your contribution and support.

Hi Saisumit, We have recently made some changes to our partially solved (not all subtasks are Accepted) problems and from now, the partially solved problems will not be listed as a successfully solved problem. This is why you are not seeing the partially solved problems in your profile and the discrepancy in the number of problems displayed under your profile. If you have any other doubts, feel free to get in touch with us.