Short contest rankings not updated after 8 hours of contest .

The short contest/cook-off rankings/ratings are not updated even after 8 hours of contest . Why the delay ?


It’s written on Cook-Off page:

Due to the issues that we have faced, the ratings will not be updated today. Some participants have made multiple wrong submissions without intending to do so. The rankings may change.

So, please wait few more hours :wink:

It’s related to this question - , there was some DB problem…

The main reason of the delay is that due to interface issues some contestants submit the same code twice of thrice in the interval of a few seconds. We have several comments regarding this during the contest. This concerns top ten as well so it is quite critical to rule this out. It may take even several days since AFAIK there is no automated tool to check and delete identical submissions.


Fingers crossed and good luck :wink: We have to be patient…

@betlista : The DB problem you have mentioned is not new . I have also faced it several times . My experience is that when this error comes on submitting , the submission has actually happened and reloading the page results in resubmission . So if your answer was correct , you get correct submission two times and if it is wrong then you get wrong tries . I can understand the concern of people to whom it happened in the COOK-OFF , because here number of submissions matters . But I have faced this problem in previous COOK-OFF’s also . @admin It is good that you are rejudging , but you should also take care that this problem does not happen , atleast by the next COOK-OFF . @admin I am still not getting emails related to my submission details . That problem has also not been solved .

… The codeforces has a machinery that could block your successive identical solution … . I suppose it is helpful not only for mistake submit but also in some situation like this … .


I think the identical submissions happen in a matter of a few seconds. We can add a restriction like a user cannot make another submission within a specific number of seconds (say 20, as in Project Euler; or even less/more) following the previous submission. This check can be done in the db itself. The problem of identical submissions, i guess can be solved in this way. Note that, if a user actually made a submission, which is not AC, he/she will take more than this “few seconds” to make the new submission. So, this restriction will not create much problems.

I don’t know if this is feasible, or even whether this IS a solution. But this just popped in my head!

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@admin : How long is this expected to take . Its really been a long wait .

It seems that rating is updated already :-)))

@admin : I gave my first cookoff COOK51 , but there is no short contest rank update on my profile, short contest ratings are still undefined ?