Short contest Gambit 2014

I am not able to find the link for registration of team in external contest Gambit 2014

@tech_boy there might be some problem or might be a bug it will be updated soon …either you can mail the admin

i think the link is up…LINK!!!

Get yourself registered for the all India level Coding Contest, which may turn international too!!

Prizes worth Rs.6000 to be won.

What’s more? Registration is free.

Just make sure you follow all the registration instructions carefully on the page.

Certificates will be given to active participants, i.e. those who solve atleast one problem in the competition.

You can win sitting at home.
All you need is an internet connection and a PC to use it.

Love competition? Try and get more of your friends to register. That will surely increase the fun for you.

Get rewarded for your skills, coz “if you’re good at something”, always look forward to getting paid for it. :wink:

Happy Coding… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: