Settings of code compile and run

I am facing little issue in code, compile & run. Cursor of mouse is not pointing to position at which it is writing.
I’m facing problem while typing because of that.
Waiting for your reply.

Please reply!!!


Did you by any menans press “insert” key?

no, normally when we type cursor (’|’) is pointing where we are typing but in my code compile and run editor it points to some position forward.
If not clear ping me back.

Probably you have pressed some ide cursor shortcut. Save your code and try pressing the “Reload Template” button at the lower right corner. You could check there are a number of cursor shortcuts by clicking the “info” button at the upper right corner. Or, simply reload the page. Personally, I don’t like that IDE. It gives me lot of unnecessary warnings and compilation fails. Especially, when I code in Python.

I tried to do refresh already, I also tried with shortcuts even I tried to change theme and settings, but nothing works for me.
Please help :frowning:
As I face problem while typing in ide.

Why dont you just click on the “info” button there and check from the list of keyboard shortcuts which one modifies cursor alignment? :confused:

@jpriya2903 they’re trying to help you, please be respectful!!

sorry, my fault!
I’m frustrated while trying to solve that!! :frowning:

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