Server problem - September Cook-Off

Am I the only one who has problem with CodeChef server? I cannot submit my solutions :frowning: But there is no announcement on the contest page and recent comments are not loaded because of server problem (probably AJAX timeouts)…


I get problems as well :(((

We had a bad SYN attack once again due to which the site was terribly slow. We are embarrassed to say the least. Now things should be fine. We shall be extending the contest. We are sorry. We have extended the contest by 45 minutes.

Can the irritating pop up about the new announcement be switched off please?

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what happend … I cannot submit my last problem …

unable to submit solution…

submit button not working now…???

…recover …

I would like to say here that I was very happy with the way things were cleared out and about the amount of extra time that was provided… :smiley:

I was able to submit a solution that got accepted using that time, and considering that you’ve recovered from an attack during a live contest and that you’re able to block the IPs just shows how committed and professional everyone here is!!

Kudos to that and keep hosting these awesome contests and improving the site for many years to come


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