Sereja GCD giving wrong answer.Probably wrong test cases.

My solution is giving wrong answer , even for N,M<10. But I know my solution is correct because i have checked all answers by bruteforce. Can anyone tell what could be a problem.( I am printing ‘\n’) after every answer. So output format is not a problem.

Sorry , no help during the contest :slight_smile:
other got AC , so there must be some case you are missing .
go and find yourself
happy code !!

If you are 101% sure that all the cases are right and you are not missing anything ,then write it to codechef team . :slight_smile:

how did u generated the correct answer , may be there is problem with the method you are using for correct answer generation (the algorithm) ,
may be you missed something or misunderstood the problem .

You will find out after the contest, according to last statistics 204 contestants solved the problem for N,M <= 10…

There is a big chance the problem is on your side…

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