sereja and vectors

i have tried a lot of approach for this questions and have got ac for more than 10 solutions still i dont get a score!

Can you please explain why?

The Scoring scheme for this problem:

"Lets Sum will be next value: (A.x[1] - v[i[1]].x[1] - v[i[2]].x[1] - … - v[i[q]].x[1]) + (A.x[2] - v[i[1]].x[2] - v[i[2]].x[2] - … - v[i[q]].x[2]) + … + (A.x[k] - v[i[1]].x[k] - v[i[2]].x[k] - … - v[i[q]].x[k])

Lets S will be the sum of values q/(Sum + 1) per each testcase. You should maximize S.
The score will be counted as S/B, where S is your sum, and B will be the best sum."

Since you’re getting a score of 0, so most probably your S is 0. (Note that just printing 0 will get AC but score will be 0.)

well i am doing better than printing 0 of course! though not the best solution but it shouldn’t account to zero after all!

well i am doing better than printing zero! Not the best solution still my sum will not be zero!

Even if your q is not zero, you should try to minimize the sum. The scoring will be calculated using q/(1+Sum). So if the sum is about 10^9 then your score is almost zero.