Sereja and Snakes !!

I was waiting for the contest to get over to share this link.

The solutions by the top candidates will indeed be useful to the creator of the above GIF image :smiley:


this is something good… reopen it admin!


Awesome! @Admin why to close it? This post can lead to a stimulating discussion. It is not completely off-topic!

Especially when there is tutorial still missing…


Finally, admin reopen the question. And yes, it’s quite an interesting one. The only difference in this from the contest question is that, the apple only appears in empty positions. And where is the tutorial for this problem.

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Thanks for reopening it. I just wanted to know how the solution of the .gif image compares with the top solutions given. And there was no tutorial for it too.Usually the top coders provide their insights/tricks they used in the problem, but I couldn’t find any this time. And I feel that the challenge problem is the most interesting part of the long contests.Hence it would be nice if we could discuss it here.