September long challenge

Solution for September long challenge qus … Chef and Friends is already available
at : with same diagram so whether this may lead to disqualification if I submit it ?


Yea, you will be disqualified, as per our code of conductDo not ask or discuss any aspect of any CodeChefs’ problem during an ongoing contest on any other platform, online or offline. Discussion of strategy should be avoided during the contest and postponed till the end.


Exclude this question while rating for sept long @admin

this question should not be taken into account while rating for sept long as this would then be fair for those who didn’t cheat it as many users would have just changed the name of variables with some more changes to avoid plagiarism case and posted the same code and might have got 100 points @admin @dpraveen

agree, @snapdragon1 this ques should not be taken into account for calculating sept long ratings @admin

There are many links and references for Bipartite graph. One who is new to graph concepts may learn from this question about what is bipartite and then solve it. That is not cheating. The code for checking whether a graph is bipartite or not is given in Even if they copy exactly same code (obviously after understanding it) it is not cheating as there can’t be numerous ways to generate the same logic. @admin please make sure no innocent is caught in plagarism.


@snapdragon1 @vim_ @admin But what about the guys who got 100 points after 50-60 submission and invested complete 3 days for this question. Will it not be unfair for them ? And if this was the case then why only 1819 out of around 9000 people were able to do it ?

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@vinitpayal My code got accepted after 81 submissions.

This question shouldn’t be considered for rating because many people might have copied and pasted the solution, thus affecting people who couldn’t come up with a solution, or worked very hard to solve the problem

Will it affect though? :smiley:

No Plzz include this question in rating…I have tried very hard for this question and spent almost 3 and half days on this…

Well It should be included in the contest, there is no point in removing it. I myself solved it after 50th submission.


The problem was identified on 11th sept, whatever was to be done, should have been done when the contest was running. So many people like me wouldn’t take so much pain to solve it. Since nothing was done at that time. It should remain in the contest.


you have not release the editorials of august challenge

Still i can’t get a case where my code is failing…Trying from the third day of the contest,I think, Yet I can’t get where my code is failing. Any help regarding where my code is failing is appreciated???

@pvkcse try this case
5 nodes 5 edges
1 2
2 3
3 5
4 5
1 4
output should be NO but your output is YES

The solution was not directly just a copy and paste of the Bipartite code available on , rather it required some modifications which obviously could be caught once you understand the question properly. And obviouly there were many instances of users of codechef posting the question and aksing for solution on various sites. So obviously if anyone got it from there it is definitely violation of Code Of Conduct.