September Cook-off clashing with Codeforces round 321

This is a request to the admin. Can we prepone the cook-off please? Cook-off is at 2130 IST, while the codeforces round is at 2200 IST.


It should pe postponed or preponed

please prepone the cookoff

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Yes it should prepone on Saturday. Please.

We have fixed the dates from the calendar for all the official contests of codechef. We have decided this timing with considering situations so as to avoid clashes. So, now I think the onus is on codeforces to shift/ align their contest accordingly.


I agree the onus should be on Codeforces. I have already created a post there:

But ultimately if this is a stand-off, it will be the participants who suffer.

All fine now. They have shifted it to September 22

They shifted theirs due to my blog. My first contributions on the codeforces site :smiley: