SEPT17 Laddus

I got 300 laddus from, SEPT17 with the name of “SEPT17 - Top 3 Challenge Problem Solvers (Rank 3)”. However, I only managed to get 46.126 points from SEAFUNC, achieving 17th place in SEAFUNC ranklist.

At the same time I was first in my country, which had 15 participants, and I was in top 300 globally, so I should have recieved 200 laddus for that, which I didn’t.

Is this some administrative error, and I recieved 300 laddus with wrong caption instead of 200, or am I not aware of something?

Edit: Half week passed, could you respond please @admin?


Either you should receive the laddus or you’ve found a bug and should receive that laddus as rewards. ^@^


Exactly what I was about to comment but then decided to not to :stuck_out_tongue: :@

Speaking of bugs, am I the only one who can see the upvotes on the question as 0 even though I have upvoted it? o.O

I didn’t get the laddus for the Challenge problem yet, so maybe you received my laddus by mistake? :stuck_out_tongue:

@meooow It means someone has downvoted it. I don’t know why though.

No they haven’t, that’s what’s odd. Upvotes and downvotes can be seen from the “karma history” on your profile.

@meooow Only top 3 challenge scores (should) get laddus.

Yes, but separately for both Indian and non-Indian participants. At least that’s what it says here.

@meooow Ohh, I didn’t see you were Indian. But in that case I think the caption of the laddus would include Top 3 Indian Challenge Problem Solvers.

That’s probably right. I wasn’t being totally serious though :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, we can only wait for @admin to see this and clear up the problem! Additionally you can also try mailing them.

Server issues arent uncommon :3

@meooow Do you know which email should I mail? I mailed, but IDK if there is an email for reporting bugs. . Spam them all. I do that for everything, else they take lot of time to get back :confused:

@vijju123 I got confirmation from and, with link to the issue’s case, but whenever I try to open it, the site asks me to login, but it rejects my codechef username and password, and I see no registration. How can I login on the support site?

you dont need to login on the support site…you will soon get a follow up mail.

Is the site campus codechef by any chance?

@vijju123 it’s

I dont think that usual codechef ID is used to login there. You should ask them the relevance of that link lol. Why send the link when you can make nothing out of it :confused: XD

conversation of top_coders are good enough to read :stuck_out_tongue: