Please anyone clear my doubt:
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In setter’s solution : (correct solution),

DOUBT 1: if i remove this line:if (answer<0) answer += M;(because in solution,I don’t see any chance that ans would be negative)

      That would be a wrong solution!! why???  what is the importance of that line here(in this question).

DOUBT 2: If i break the statement:answer = (ll)(answer + (i-1)* (sumfour(y) - sumfour(x)))M; into two individual statements like these: ` `answer = (ll)(answer + (i-1)* (sumfour(y) -sumfour(x))); if(answer>=M) answer=M;

   That would again be a wrong answer!!why??what is the difference??
  1. That would be wrong because sumfour() returns a modded value, so sumfour(y) - sumfour(x) could become -ve.

  2. Add if (answer<0) answer %= M; within the loop as well. Reason : Overflow. In a case where answer is -ve in all loops, it might add up to a large -ve value outside the range of long long since you’re only using mod when everything’s +ve.


Thanks partner.