Sept - Week 1 - Discussions / Week 2 Contest Update

Hey guys, welcome to the new platform :slight_smile:

BIG Thanks to the Codechef team.

Couple of things : Online contests for ACM are coming up and time to put in more efforts!
The more active you are the more you can learn, you have to come up and ask your doubts dont expect others to reach out to you.
See the tags - Each month contest we shall use month#, week# format.

If you have doubt regarding some problem, you can post it as different question and use the same month# and week# format. Also add tags like “NEERC08”.



Contest link :


When is the deadline for Sept-Week2 contest. Next Monday?

@anudeep2011 : Last week contest I wasn’t able to do even a single one. Could you post editorials for them?

Google is your friend.