Separate section for editorials only.

Shouldn’t there be a separate section for the editorials? The “questions” tab should list only the questions, and not the editorials.

As for now, the “Recent Questions” section in the CodeChef homepage often features editorials with large number of views and upvotes, while the real questions get neglected.


Very expensive suggestion for very little benefit. I feel its good the way it is. Do you have any strong reason for the suggestion?

I too would love to have something like this,the editorials really covers the forum(yeah but only if they have time).

Time is the main downer here, else its a good suggestion. Like, its been a while since they have the “Sort submissions by points (for long and lunchtime problems)” feature in their queue. Would have really loved that. Time crunch is apparently a big issue :frowning:

Things would have been much more organised. Thats it. :slight_smile:

Thats true. Will forward it to @admin and see what she says.

Any reason why the site is slower to load than the original one?
And another feature request would be suggesting similar questions when asking one to avoid duplicates.

I think that feature is already there. Not sure how efficient and effective that is though :confused:

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Very nice suggestion. That said , as far as you are considering feature improvements, when someone is digging questions to practice from codechef using tags, can we search questions with help of multiple tags. For example if someone wants to practice DP questions of medium level difficulty using bit manipulation then how to search them? We can only search using single tag, as of now. Probably we use three filters DP+medium+bits. This would be highly instrumental to us , who practice on codechef.


Yes, I think it will be really beneficial in the long run But I guess Same thing is being achieved by tags.

You can use this: