Segment Tree

what are segment trees with lazy propagation.can anyone tell me about implementation.


please anyone tell me

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Again and again threads being created regarding hints! Its OK that you’ve got the hint but did you try googling it? Referred any book? TopCoder? If no then, please do it. You don’t even need to ask here when you complete doing whatever I’ve mentioned.

P.S: Mods, thread deletion request.


@iamtehcoder google cannot give suggestions for improvements or any other techniques… discussions forums are for discussion so we should always encourage it not criticize it…


There are two points of view for the question.

  1. as pointed out by @iamtehcoder, maybe you can use such knowledge to solve some problem in current live contest
  2. on the other hand it’s not asking how to solve concrete problem using this approach, so it’s kind of valid answer (that’s why I’m not closing it)

As the result I’m not closing the question, but I think that no-one will answer the question during the contest - compromise :wink:

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