Segment tree tutorial

Hello Everyone!!!
I started learning seg-tree recently and I have found few very good sources like this website : . Can anyone help me by giving some good elaborated seg-tree tutorials and seg-tree lazy approach method. I am in a desperate need of a good tutorial on lazy propagation and would appreciate if someone can help me with it.


Hope this clears all your doubts :slight_smile:


Thank you!
Please do include other sites if you come across them :slight_smile:

can someone send me a code for it

this will help you to understand and visualize the data structure better and easily :slight_smile:


This website is beautiful.Thanks dude!

@prrateekk u r welcome :slight_smile:

a blog by codechef problem setter dparveen

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I made a course on segment tree covering the basics including few solved examples. Do have a look. This is the Link

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I learned it from these sites, hope they prove useful to you too.

Happy Coding!!