Seems like a bug-August cook off 2015

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This image is of august cook off 2015 rankings. It shows some users solving two problems without any penalties but their actual profile shows one or more wrong answers on one of the question of august cook off…I’m not able to understand this…kindly correct me if I’m wrong anywhere…thanks

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@harry_1008 Yaa it seems there is something wrong in it. Mail it to codechef

I’ve mailed them…hope they look into it…

August Cook off was a bit weird.

The server was on high load.After submitting first solution.I couldn’t open another question.

Unresponsive server is a problem that they’re facing since a long time.

They should do something.

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They will soon fix this issue…

Will this be rated or unrated contest?

They haven’t responded about any such queries till now…lets see

Hey All, We will be making an announcement regarding COOK61 soon. Kindly be patient till then.