Searching particular Problem in practice section

I want to submit solution of one of the problem that was there in past contest. Now it is shifted to practice section . How do I search for that problem ? does codechef have any search engine for that? I cud not find any.i cud not find manually also.


Well, if the problem was from a past contest, you can access the contest page and look for the problem code and difficulty level.

Once you have that, you can go to the practice section and do a find (the classical shortcut is Ctrl+F) there, and when you write the problem code there (case sensitive, all capitals) you should find it easily :slight_smile:




If you know problem name, then google is there for u. That always worked for me.


You can do as kuruma said. You can also do as follows to directly get to the problem :

1 - Copy the code of the problem (ex: SUBMIN, TWODOGS, CC…)

2 - Write in the URL bar :[problem

3 - Press enter

then you shall get the problem which is in the practice session.



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