SEAPERM Scoring problem

Scoring problem, It says B/Sum must be low. This means, Sum must be large, this means (f(a,1)+f(a,2)+…f(a,k))/k must be large which contradicts the problem statement which says “(f(A, 1) + f(A, 2) + … f(A, k))/k will be as low as possible” . Please Clarify.

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You misintrepeted the statement. The Sum is the value of (f(A, 1) + f(A, 2) + … f(A, k))/k you calculate, but B is the smallest value of S that we can achieve i.e. the best answer. So when Sum -> B , B/Sum -> 1.

It says,“Your score will be equal to B/Sum. Lower scores will earn more points.” . This means I want Sum to be as large as possible,right?

Your Score=B/Sum
B is the best answer. If you increase the value of Sum your score decreases.
Lower Score is written wrongly. It should be the Lower Sum instead of Lower Score .