sdsquare.. explain the output for case 2

for case2 for 100 perfect square is 10 and 10000 is 100 therefore the ans for case 2 should be 91 not 9: pls explain for 9 as answer
and if 9 cause the perfect squares should consist of digits only 0,1,4,9 …???

well the question is not pretty clear to me…

but i’ll just explain the second case to you, i.e between 100 and 10000

So you are supposed to find numbers N such that N satisfies 3 conditions… it is a perfect square,lies between 100 and 10000 and consists of only 0,1,4,9.

so for the test case some of the 9 numbers are 100,144,400…5 more numbers…10000

if i givu my codes… will u find the bug in tat and the solution too…???

@n09ranjan93 No one will take your codes nor will help you debug them during a contest. Please try to figure it out on your own. you will learn a lot from such mistakes. We are more than willing to help after the contest

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Please don’t discuss during contests :).Wait for editorial …
It spoils the spirit of conducting a contest! :slight_smile:

I am sorry… is explaining a given test in the question not allowed too ?

you can explain a given test case as per the rules.however dont give more info than what is given in the question