Scripting language v/s Programming language

My question is simple, what’s the difference between Scripting Languages and Programming Languages?

Did you read wikipedia?

The most important point here is that a scripting language is also a programming language.

The differences arise in the way code is executed, wikipedia tells the difference very well:

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Any scripting language is also a programming language. You might be actually wanting to know the difference between interpreted languages and compiled languages. It is not the case that a scripting language is always interpreted and a non-scripted language is always compiled, I don’t have examples at the moment but this is true. Usually scripting languages are the ones that allow to right small an simple programs do highly complicated tasks in few lines of code. It doesn’t mean that scripting is considered different from programming.

Go through the discussions at and

you have to compile a C program before you can run it. But in the normal case, you don’t have to compile a JavaScript program before you run it. So JavaScript is sometimes called a “scripting” language.