[Script] Filter submissions status based on score

Hello fellow coders,

As you all know, looking at the status (Time and Memory) of successful submissions gives a good hint about the expected Time/Memory complexity. But often there’s a lot of submissions of varying points and it gets annoying to manually filter through them and get an approximate. So, I wrote a script that filters the results according to the score that is needed.


  • Install Tampermonkey for Chrome/ Greasemonkey for Firefox.
  • Install the script from here:


Go to submission status page of any problem such as:


There should be an added option of score, add the partial score you want to view and click go.


The Github Repository can be found here .

Note: The script fetches details from 3 pages by default, you can change it by changing the value of the numpages variable.


Good work bro.
I used your script and found a very minor issue. Same submission repeats more than once. I observed it here(
link text )
All submissions from a user repeats 4 times here. I know it’s a minor issue but i thought it would be better if it comes to your knowledge

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Hey, thanks for pointing it out. I’ve released an update fixing it. Please update the script.

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