As there are so many cases of cheating it would be appreciated if ratings of JUNE CONTEST are scrapped

what is the reason to disagree with my suggestion?

You’re spamming…


Aren’t you @sumanth232? Why create an account just to do this?

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that was an accident, i have deleted the other posts, very very sorry

Hum ok… So why create a new account?

Scrapping the ratings seem too much of a drastic measure. I personally would not like that one bit. I was thinking it could be acceptable but 10 days would go to waste. 3400 people participated in the contest, most of them don’t have anything to do with the bad things that happened during the contest.


but admin needs to take action regarding those who cheated

Be patient, it’s not as easy as you might think.

@admin, this guy imitated my username and using my name. I did not create this new account. Please suspend this account


@sumanth3232, why did you use my username? This is not right.
Didnt u get any other username?

Just because of a few cheaters, putting the hard work of other sincere coders over the course of ten days to a null would not be received well by all. Besides you never know if all the cheating cases were exposed in the previous contests. Its a good sign that this time nearly a lot of such cases are being made known(but the number of cheaters is a bad sign). Action has to be taken but scrapping june contest ratings not exactly the best way to go.

Well the sole purpose of this site is to train Indian students get an exposure to ICPC so that India does well there(our performance has been quite poor).But if students start cheating for a petty rating in a petty contest than ,mark my word,we are not going any further in the coming years.Nothing else can be done expect for the people who are doing this feel sorry for their actions.If they keep on doing this it is them who are at loss not this site.

@sumanth3232, who are you to say it, when you didn’t even participate in the contest. I and many other users have spent hours figuring out the solutions to different questions of june contest, why should our hard work go in vain because of the cheaters?


@sumanth232 I apologize if it’s not you…

You can’t stop cheating in any competition and scarping the whole contest, are you joking. It’s a 10 day competition i have spend almost my 6-7 days in this. And scraping the contest doesn’t seem to be a good solution. The best thing you can do is that, find those cheaters and post their info here.

Hi sumanth232, we will look into it and will take suitable steps.