Scoring of challenge question

I have seen a trend that whenever I submit my challenge question, I get the best score on my very first submission. If I resubmit it, my score fluctuates but stay below the score of my first submission. Why does it happen so, even though the test cases are randomized?


I do not understand what you are asking… Can you add some examples?

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first impression is last impression.

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In this month’s challenge question, when i submitted my code, i got a score say ‘X’. On re submission of the same code multiple number of times, I got some scores say ‘Y1’, ‘Y2’, and so on. I found that…
X > Y1,Y2,…
I had the same observation in last month’s challenge question.
Is it just a coincidence or is it some kind of a tricky test case generation that you get the best score only on the first submission.

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But as far as I can see, you are using rand, how you want to get same score two times?

Actually my question is why don’t i ever get a score greater than what i got the first time.(when the same code is re submitted)

I think its coincidence try to submit same solution many time
say 10-20 time than see .
In my case my max score was not on the first submission
I had also use rand


I also noticed the same thing many times for challenge problem submissions.