Scoring Based Problem

What Is the meaning of getting wrong answer in scoring based problem. as may be the solution is bad than possible(best) solution but it will be scored and score will be lesser than best solution.

No No… thts not the reason. Its just that your code gives a wrong answer. For example in this month’s contest you had to output the points and the number of steps. So maybe your code gave a wrong output. Say wrong umber of steps or wrong points. But if u get an AC for a score problem, u’ll always get a score, maybe 0.0001 but still u’ll!


Suppose there be such a question for which the problem setter has given 2 test cases. The judge decides the number of points for individual test cases.Let’s say if someone solves both test cases then he gets 1.0 point, if only the first test case then he gets 0.4 points. The score of the first user will be 1.0 / MAX(=1.0) = 1.0, whereas the second user will get 0.4 / MAX(=1.0) = 0.4. Here WA will mean that none of your solutions could give the expected output for the given input.

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