Scope of Programming

This question may not be related to any technical terms,but i am sure many learners like me would find this question of need…

I want to know what is the scope of programming, as in how will programming help me in my future…will it help me get a decent job in some notable company or will this programming die like a habit?

I am currently a student of IInd Year in Computer Science and Engineering, NIT Bhopal and i look forward to pursuing my interest as a programmer.

There are loads of great jobs for programmers !! In particular, most good companies ( google etc. ) ask you questions related to algorithms during their recruitment interviews ! So enjoy yourself and keep coding ! :slight_smile:

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Everything that you can do today on a computer someone had to be programmed at one point…With the help of programming you can good job in the future.There is a great demand of programmers now in software companies.

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