Scope of Non CS/IT student from coding

As I am from non circuit branch want to know about the scope.
Thank YOU!

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Everybody starts from zero.

As simple as that !!

Don’t worry go ahead.

PS: you have equal scope as other CS/IT guy. :slight_smile:

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To say that you have equal scope as a CS/IT student will be incorrect. A lot depends on your branch. Is it a circuit branch like Electrical or Electronics? Then you may have around 50% of CS/IT companies open for your branch. IF you are in civil or chemical then it will be a lot tougher.If you are aiming for a simple job at any CS/IT firm then there won’t be much difference but for a job at top CS/IT companies ,there are a few simple things i would suggest:

  1. Be good at problem solving in general. The type that is is asked in interviews. Strings, Linked Lists, DP, trees,etc. Whether you learn this by solving a lot of questions on codechef or by learning geeksforgeeks is upto you. I would suggest the former. Be good at writing error-free and readable code. Also think about all possible test cases related to a problem. A CS/IT student can afford to be average at this but you need to be good as interviewers will have doubts because of your branch.

  2. Learn all the basic subjects: Operating Systems, Databases and Networks. You can read this on you own but i would suggest sites like or as interviewers will be impressed if you can show them certifications.

  3. Do good projects realted to CS. This will be especially useful to learn and interviewers will ask questions on this. You can follow what is being done by CS/IT students.

  4. Now coming to applying to companies ,The simplest way is to get in contact with seniors and ask them to refer you for a job at their firm. You will directly get to the interview stage. But to get a reference, you need to be good. A good performance(good rank) in competitive programming platforms or good noticeable projects will help a lot.

5)Apply off-campus to a lot of companies. Go to their career page and send them an email with your resume.Your CV/Resume should be neat and good for off-campus placements. Also Make a good and updated LinkedIn profile . A lot of interviewers/recruiters tend to have a look at it especially if you apply offline.

  1. Regularly participate in company hiring challenges on Hackerearth and other sites. Also keep an eye out for job postings on Linkedin and other sites like TopTalent or Internshala if you are looking for an intern.

P.S. 1)Being a CS student i have not followed much of this but i know people from other branches who have and are fairly successful

  1. It wouldn’t hurt CS/IT students if they also follow the same

@kcahdog Thank a lot for your valuable suggestions.
I try to follow your suggestions.
Thanks again.

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Triveni Mahata: :: Electrical Engineering Student. Went to ICPC Regionals.

Sundar Pichai: :: Mettalurgy Graduate from IITKGP. Now Vice President in Google!


Everyone begins from zero and everyone needs to begin again,Have you ever pondered what FICO assessment everybody begins with? explainer videos Everybody Starts With a No Record Found! so you can handle it effectively.

I think coding is a passion that is independent of you branch.
You have open test for various IT companies that dont just ask your branch but test your coding skill.
If you have a good coding skill theres great world waiting for you ahead.

I also from non CS/IT, and I m going to tell my story about programming and getting a good developer job(If you are interested).
I started competitive coding 1 and half years ago…not for the placement purpose but cause i love solving programming problems…after 7 or 8 months i did able to solve 6-7 problems here on codechef and were doing pretty well on other judges as well.
Now Comes the placement season in NSIT, I got to know that good programming skills can get u into a top firm.
So I started brushing up my programming concept and intially they allowed all the students to sit in top coding firms as they did know that a non CS/IT student can’t crack it.So here comes the first company in campus as “DirectI” and I shortlisted for it and i was among only 12 students who got shortlisted. Everyone eagerly wanted to know who this guy is from instrumentation branch got shortlisted for DirectI. But on the following day in the interview they asked me some of the core CS/IT concept and i lacked there and couldn’t crack it, though i was able to solve two good programming questions and reached up to fourth round of interview.There i realised my potential.
After that one i got shortlisted for some other big coding firms but could not able to crack any of them cause i lacked some core cs concept like OS,DBMS and Development. Then i decided to learn these things and gave a month to have some basic knowledge about those subjects and then i got a good(not big) developer job where i can get experience and later apply to those firms as they require these skills.
So the point of saying is that if you have interest in this field and want to learn then no one can stop you.
It will take time but that will be worth it.
I hope you get the the point and u know what you wanna do.

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You are only as good as you think you are.