School Student of Class VII where do I start?

I am a school student from Hyderabad, India and with almost 0 knowledge of programming. Where from should I start ?? Heard “Python” is good / easy for beginners. Pls help me.

If you have resources then go on YouTube search for tutorials and try to learn from their if you have any problem then Google it you’ll find solutions and python is easy but c and c++ are used most of the time I insist you should start with c++

It’s really awesome to see kids taking interest in programming.

thenewboston has the best videos for beginners like you. Check out his YouTube channel. He has videos for all programming languages and all of them are awesome! I’d recommend to start with C++ if you want to solve CodeChef problems because a majority of the solutions and editorial are written in C++. But hey, ultimately it’s your call, it doesn’t matter much which language you choose.

His python playlist: click here

His C++ playlist: click here

Kudos! Enjoy coding!

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i am new here. can someone help me to increase karma so that i can ask question

There is an official thread for such users to ask questions. Please use that.