Scholarship cancelled unfairly :(

Why was my scholarship cancelled?
I applied for scholarship for November certificate exam as i was topper of my university (Vellore institute of technology)
And i was not indulged in any sort of plagarism.

You can always clarify your doubts by contacting them. This might have happened due to CCDSAP. Taken two codes, if the logic is same there is at least some similarity e.g. Name of variables and all. But codechef never used to catch if two solutions differed 35% (approx) more than each other, but I think this time due to the scholarship they must have dropped this percentage. Still you can always write them back

Same thing happens with me.

But problem is that time is less now , and they doing it . It will take time in proving innocence and in that time scolarship will be gone

I pinged them about this- and asked them to treat this as most urgent.

We are looking into this, and will fix it soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.