Schedule of LTIME58!!

When is LTIME58 scheduled to be held?? On the homepage it shows 5 days to go and on the contest page it is showing one week late!! Although in details it is 31st March!
@admin if you may confirm.

Last Saturday (of the month), 7:30 to 10:30 PM IST is the universal timing of every LTIME contest. Just like cook off is next sunday after long 9:30 to 12 midnight each month

Here is the general schedule of codechef contests


so is it on 24th then??

Sorry for the amiguity. As @nilesh3105 mentioned, its last saturday of every month. Since his answer came by the time I wanted to edit mine, I thought its fine.

Last Saturday of the month is 31st , so you have a good amount of time until this lunchtime :). I will ask @admin to fix that as well.

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