Sareja and gcd test case explanation

i have one serious doubt on this problem in DEC14 can anyone give me the correct explanation to this problem.

PS: if your answer reveals strategy than plz dont.

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No of ways of picking N elements from the set {1 to M} (also the permutation of numbers should be considered) such that each element can be picked greater than or equal to once and gcd of elements is D .

i think this explains sufficiently .


and there can be repitition of numbers

@acodebreaker, not only combinations, but also permutations of the selected numbers.

i forget that in hurry , thnx , corrected :slight_smile:

[2,2,2,4,4] and [4,4,2,2,2] are two different arrays am I right in this case??

could you explain the case for d=1???

yes, you are right :slight_smile:

In SEAGCD large memory has been used by some of the coders. Does that imply that large arrays and data structures
are possible.??

think it yourself , no help during the contest